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Widows Home in Varanasi Asha Bhavan
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the bakery

Hope Arts sells jewelery, paper products, baked goods and other items. All products are handmade by widows at Asha Bhawan (House of Hope) in Varanasi, India.

widows at work

Asha Bhawan is a residential home for destitute widows. Thousands of widows in India are abandoned on the streets by their own children. In Varanasi alone, there are 10,000-30,000 widows. Most are illiterate, so they end up begging or becoming prostitutes.

Hope Arts trains and employs widows who make and sell products for which they get a fair payment. The proceeds also help us to take care of the sick and disabled widows by supporting them.

When you buy products from this store, you help us to give the widows of Varanasi a new future.

Jewelery items like necklaces, bracelets products overviewand earrings are available. These are nickel-free, silver-plated and often made with semi-precious stones, precious stones or pearls.

Hope Arts also sells paper items like notebooks, postcards and stationary packets. The paper used is wood-free, hand-made, from fresh or recycled items like banana peels, rice skin, silk, old cotton or hay.

The Dutch Bakery and Coffee Shop has daily fresh and foreign baked products like white bread, brown bread, mulitgrain, buns, muffins, cakes, cookies and brownies-both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Next to the bakery there is a nice coffee shop with coffee, tea and other beverages. The Dutch Bakery is also known for the most delicious peanut butter in India (only available for the local market and not online).



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